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Time Is of The Essence

My Most Valuable Asset is Fleeing

Every breath I take, there it just went

It is invaluable, I have not found enough money to purchase it.

IRReplaceable, can’t get a reload when gone it is spent

Definite to terminate, with the date unknown to me.

It is precious due to all the adjectives used to describe it.

Simple in letter, but huge in life.

Time is everything above,

So, why do we waste it?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” (Matthew 6:21).

In 2023, I mandated a call to action for my life. A requirement to demonstrate I learned the most valuable lesson of 2022. Time is of the essence in all matters. I am angry at myself because I wasted so much of it. Now, I am keeping a time inventory. I made a chart for every hour of the day. If my employer can make a schedule for 40 hours, then I should make one for the remanding 128. I promise your perspective will change, to treat your time like your bank account. A decision to monitor your outgoing expense of time will change your life and create a sense of urgency not to waste it. I hope you will prioritize your actions, question who you are spending time with, and what you are doing. Heck, you will even stop answering phone calls because it takes time to talk. As, we enter the second week of the year please be mindful of how you spend your time. I implore you to create a schedule and hold yourself accountable. Remember, Time is of the ESSENCE.

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