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These Two Words Not Three

Updated: Feb 14, 2023


Instead of these three words

Can you describe love in two

Patient and Kind

He loves me, he loves me not is a childhood game

Before questioning the love of another, the inquiry should start with you.

Addressing the root issue of self-love, is a secret to avoidable heartbreak

Escalating the give and receipt of love beyond the game of chance.

A choice to be patience and not curse yourself,

When you must one, two, three inhale because last year’s jeans are too tight.

A kindness to speak loving words to yourself when life is not going quite right.

No need for envy because comparison is a mood killer

Disregard negativity to display self-confidence at this present moment.

Love yourself as the beautiful and wonderful being that God made you to be.

No need to experiment on someone else

Let first base be, loving you

A declaration of these three words, I love me.


I would have no awareness of Valentine’s Day if it were not for every store overflowing with red and pink decorations. Yesterday, I barely made it through the grocery store without getting hit in the face by all the overly large balloon decorations clinging to the ceiling. It is a man-made holiday around love but offers no insight into what the word means. In biblical scripture 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, love is defined by two words, patient and kind. You can’t purchase those two words for Valentine’s Day last time I checked. Also, the gift, roses, and cards do not outwardly demonstrate the words. In my younger years, I was fascinated with receiving a gift on Valentine’s Day as a sign that I was loveable.

My search for love and validation on the outside was unfilled. Until I finally learned that love must initiate with me. I had to learn to love myself with patience and kindness. Finally, I accepted that I was beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image, which means I was loveable from my first breath. Therefore, the name should be changed from Valentine’s Day to Christ’s Day. There was no more extraordinary outward demonstration of love than Jesus. He demonstrated in earthly form what it meant to love others with patience and kindness. With that knowledge, Valentine’s is just another day to embrace loving myself and praising God for loving me before I understood the instructions.

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