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Parents Just Don't Understand

There is no handbook or instructional manual provided when kids are born.

So, the adult that is present makes a choice.

With no proven way or methodology mistakes can be made.

The 1-5 rating scale from excellent to worse will only be judged by the child.

Introspective and honest judgement is hard to execute when the subject is yourself.

Most start the journey of parenthood with the expectation to be the best.

With some falling short

Not the you missed paying the gas bill, but lifetime consequences situations

When this happens, what should mom or dad do?

Will "im sorry" suffice for the child that feels victimized?

In episode 1, Tyler Hall explains how he had to learn forgiveness was essential in the dealing with the fallacies of his parent. You can listen to the show at this link,

Let me know your thoughts:

-Do you have any issues with parents?

-How did you handle it?

-After listening to the episode, what did you think of Tyler's advice? Y

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