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Watch the Pattern

The trees shielded her from the rays of the sun.

As the pond provided a great place to pause and enjoy nature’s scenery.

She walked on a path that was worn and traveled before.

She yawned with a surprised look at her expression of boredom.

Reality had set in of being here before.

The path was worn because she was traveling in a circle.

Hours and minutes were spent just sitting at the pond.

The tree’s shade had become a creature comfort.

Frustration began to incite in her thoughts.

The wasted time in a repeating cycle that went nowhere.

Though she admired this place, there was a yearning to see something more.

She arrived from her state of rest with a change of mindset

She wanted to explore more than where she had been


I am writing this on the final evening concluding my 21-day fast. This fast has genuinely enlightened me spiritually and physically. My spiritual routine stayed the same with the addition of one component. I kept my morning routine of listening to a short sermon message, reading my devotional, meditating, and praying. I added praying in the evening to my daily routine. My understanding of scripture increased my ability to apply God’s word to my life. For example, I noticed a correlation between my life and the Israelites. God didn’t intend to leave the Israelites in the desert, but their actions influenced the father’s decision. By worshipping idols, complaining to God, and not listening to Moses they were denied entrance to the promised land. This realization made me look at the difficulties in my life from a different perspective. My sins were not the same, but some of my wilderness moments were my fault. It was easier to blame the enemy than accept it was my impaired decision-making. The same was true for the Israelites. I had never understood it from that point. We can make decisions that will leave us in the wilderness, continuously searching for God. Also, I did not want to develop their habit of complaining and offend God with my unappreciation. I am not trying to be forever cast into the wilderness. I know physically I am getting stronger with battling my reliance on food for comfort.

As a child, food was my comfort for being a Latchkey Kid which followed me into adulthood. For years, I hated to admit I had a bad relationship with food. I have completed this fast for the past two years, allowing me to recognize my issue and began release of the stronghold. Although last year was more extreme for 21 days, I truly ate according to the guidelines of the Daniel Fast. This year, I stuck with protein, veggies, and fruit because I also wanted to work out. One of my goals for this year was to engage in healthy actions for my life. One act is a weekly workout schedule. I have been striving with a renewed commitment toward my goal. Also, I have become a timekeeper striving towards completing my book. How about you? Where are you on the journey? Paul encouraged us to keep striving forward and not looking back. Please take inventory of January to make sure progress is being made.

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