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Blame Is on ME

As a child, my rationale was to draw attention to other’s mistake to justify my own.

Now, what about me?

Pointing fingers in the past with an attempt to pass blame

Without giving an account for the part I played

Yes! The enemy designed some plays for destruction.

But, I made the choice to walk in and be an active participant.

It takes maturity to look in the mirror to say

“That was my fault, I hope I can forgive me”

“But what about ____? They didn’t get in trouble, and they are doing the same thing,” was a statement that agitated me as a teacher. A student would use this statement to distract from their own misdeed. My agitation stemmed from the student’s acknowledgment of wrongdoing but wanting to divert my attention to the misdeeds of another. It is crazy how this childhood defense mechanism can develop into adult justifications. I will admit that I have often blamed the enemy and questioned God for some of the hard times of my life. At 44, I will admit some of those difficulties I chose because I was not living in the will of God. Now, I realize in making a choice to do it my way. I invited the schemes of the enemy in with no protection from God. But, God extended me mercy and protected me during this season. It was supposed to take the Israelites 11 days to reach the promised land, but it took 40 years. The Israelites started complaining, worshipping false Gods, and criticizing Moses’s instruction. Finally, God became done with them and sentenced them to die in the wilderness. I don’t know about you, but I want to own my actions. I want to follow God’s direction to the promised land. I didn’t make it to age 45 to be sentenced to the wilderness like the Israelites.

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