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The Full Story

The Thankful Wall

Author, Ebony Bass provides encouragement by sharing real-life true stories prefaced by biblical scriptures. The stories are centered around the themes: Love, Purpose, Strength, All-Knowing, Godly Sufficient. Listen to and view the video of the foreword, Thankful Wall:Poem.

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Devotional Stories

The stories begin with an applicable foundational scripture. Each one is an account of real-life event for the reader to relate to. The devotional section is offered as an application of the story and the opportunity for the reader to reflect on items for their own Thankful Wall.  Each entry ends with a prayer.


My vision is for the reader to see the ups and downs with navigate in life are a part of the package deal. We must learn to be content in all circumstances.  I want to encourage the reader to live from a place of gratitude that invites in the never ending blessings of God.

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